Apple Fruits

Outer:4kg/10kg/15kg/18kg/20kg carton
Inner:plastic bag, paper salver each layer, each apple with a net

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Conveyance 40’FCL
Temperature -1°C-1 °C
Lead time Within 7 days after receiving the deposit
Size 1) 4kg/CTN for size: 12/14/16/18/20/22

2) 10kg/CTN for size: 24/28/32/36/40/44

3) 15kg/ CTN for size: 54/60/66/80/90

4) 18kg/ CTN for size: 72/80/88/100/113/125/138/150

5) 20kg/ CTN for size: 72/80/88/100/113/125/138/150/163/175/198

Packing(For 40’RH) 4Kg Carton      5280 Cartons / 40’RH10Kg Carton      2212 Cartons / 40’RH

15Kg carton      1470Cartons / 40’RH

18Kg carton      1264 Cartons / 40’RH

20Kg carton      1106Cartons / 40’RH

According to the clients’ demand

Supply Time Fresh season: August to October

Cold storage season: October to June of next yea

Variety Fuji Apple/Golden Apple/Gala Apple/Qinguan Apple/Huaniu Apple/Red Delicious Apple
Leading Market Middle East/Europe/North American/South American/Gulf Market/South Asia