Betel Nuts

Betel nuts contain a variety of essential nutrients and beneficial substances, betel nut of the main components of the original fruit of 31.1% phenol, 18.7% of polysaccharide, 14.0% fat, 10.8% crude fiber, 9.9% water, 3.0% ash and 0.5% of alkaloids

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Type: whole, split
Color: natural brown / Light Brown
Moisture: 10-15 % Max
Impurities: 0.5 – 1%
Free from foreign matter
Free from dead or alive insect, mold, weevil etc.
Dryer: Natural and machine
High quality, well Dried, Clean, no Fungus, No Mould, No Dead or Living insect, Natural smell

Packaging: 25 or 50 KG Bags or As Per Buyers Request.