1). Fresh, clean,natural.
2). Fresh, clean, no yellow flower, no rotten signs, no pesticide residue
3). without soil,natural hue,no slight crack,no putrefaction,no stain,no fleck, no scar,fiber shin, no pesticide
4). Farm raised in village without no pollution

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Product Fresh cabbage
Color Green
Size 1kg / 1.5kh/ 2kg and up
Packing 10kg/ 15kg carton box, mesh bag or base on customer demand
Taste Good taste
Origin of place  Cameroon
Supply time all the year
MOQ 22 tons

Size: Minimum weight of 0.7kg

Shape: well shaped. Not lopsided or otherwise deformed

Appearance:  Completely free of decay, doubles, cut pest, pest damage, growth cracks, and well Trimmed, Head with no more than 3Wrapper leaves and stem shall be cut No more than 10mm below Wrapper leaves.

Packing: 2-4 elements in carton.

Pre – Cooling Method: Room cooling/forced air cooling

Storage Temperature 0oC to2oC (90% to 98% Relative Humidity)