Cavendish Banana

We package for 40 ft. Refrigerator container.13.2 Kg per Box.
Box Type-Corrugated box with Top and Bottom along with
Vacuum bag and PE Foam.

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Grade ‘A’ Premium Class

Color green, yellow
Diameter 3.5-4.9cm
Length 17-29cm
Age of harvest 9-11 weeks
Size 456/789 hands per carton box
1 carton box 13.5kg netweight
40 reef container 1,540 carton
One 40 reef container 20,790 kg

ten 40 reef container per month

Type and Class:
– Class A Premium Cavendish Banana
– 4, 5, 6 big hands
Average Size of Banana:
– Minimum  size of 18cm

Packing Details:
– Packed in a brown export standard corrugated box
– Option between our brand or your brand which can be printed on the boxes
– 3 stickers with your nominated logo per hand
Size: 4 H (4 Bunches – 48 Pieces per carton)
Carton Size:- Height: 22 cms, Width:- 34 Cms, Length: 51 Cms …