Cinnamon has a warm, woodsy scent and a pleasant sweet flavor. Great for Flavoring beverages, wine, cocktails, candies, fruit salad, desserts, curry, soups, stews, rice, teas and desserts like applesauce, rice pudding or oatmeal.

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Tube/Whole cassia

Moisture: 13,5 %
Admixture: 1% max
Length: 30-45 cm (80 min )
Thicness: 2.2mm min
Natural colour
Packing : carton ( net 20kg/ carton)
Container capacity: 5.5MT/20FT ;13MT/40HQ

Split cassia

Moisture: 13,5%
Admixture: 1%
Length: 25 – 45cm
Natural colour
Packing: cartons (Net: 10kgs net)
Container capacity: 6,5 MT/20FT; 15 MT/40HQ

Broken cassia

Moisture: 13,5% Max
Admixture: 1%
Length: 7cm max
Natural color
Packing: cartons (Net: 20 or 25kg net)
Container capacity: 8,5MT/20FT; 18 MT/40HQ  (+/-10%)


Stick cassia

Moisture : 13,5%
Admixture: 1%
Length: 30-45cm ( 80% min)
Color : yellow
Packing : Carton ( net: 10kg/ carton or following of offer’s customer )
Container capacity : 5MT/ 20FT ; 12,5MT/ 40HQ

Finger/Cigarette cassia

Moisture: 13,5% max
Admixture: 0,5%
Length: 8-10-12-15-20cm (+/-1cm)
Color: yellow
Packing: cartons (Net: 10-20kgs/carton or following offer’s customer)
Container capacity: 6,5MT/20FT; 15MT/40HQ

Branch cut cassia

Moisture: 13,5%
Admixture: 1%
Size: 1cm slice cut
Natural colour
Packing: PP bag (net : 20/50kg)
Origin: Cameroon
Container capicity: 8MT/20FT; 20MT/40HQ