Dried Sea Cucumber

All natural, no salt and no sugar, All the guts taken out

Three sizes: 1. 60-80 pieces/kg;

2. 100-120 pieces/kg;

3. 160-200 pieces/kg;

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Cutted, boiled
Common name : Pepino de mar
English name : Sea Cucumber
Scientific name : Patallus Mollis
Moisture: 7% apporx.
Size: 4Cm to 8Cm
Color : Black

1)Stichopus Japonicus
2)The soaked rate: 10-12 times
4)No sand
6)Color: black or brown
7)Weight: 80-100 pieces/kg, 100-120 pieces/kg, 120-140 pieces/kg or 140-160 pieces/kg
8)Size: 4.5-9cm
9)Shelf life: stored in cool,dry place at room temperature to mainain 2 years
10)No sugar, no preservatives and chemicals. Nutritives are easier for people to absorb
11)Raw materials come from Taiwan Strait, which haven’t polluted, they are green product.
12)We can provide phytosanitary certificate,quality certificate,sanitary certificate,certificate of origin ,non GMO letter and others.

Packaging: 20 kG box with 4 sacks of 5kg