Frozen Chicken Parts

We are the leaders in supplying markets with best quality hen, frozen chicken, boneless chicken, mechanically de-boned meat, quarter legs & all chicken related parts with best prices in market.

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· Features: Hygienically Excellent Frozen Chicken Feet/Paws Grade-A products
· Feather off / white skin
· Well cleaned and fresh
· No bruise
· No broken bone
· No black pads or ammonia burns
· Outer Yellow Skin off
· Amount of moisture (less than 2%)
· Size: 35-55 gm (Average weight per piece of chicken feet)
· Size: 25-45 gm (Average weight per piece of chicken Paws)
· Quality Grade-A processed
· Packing: 15 or 20 KG Master Carton
· Origin: Cameroon

Style: Frozen
Freezing Process: BQF
Packaging: Box
Grade: A
Shelf Life: 24 month
Weight (kg): 15kg


Package size includes
5X2kg/carton,6X2kg/carton,12X1kg/carton and 10X1kg/carton,or other size preferred by customers’option
transparent polybag with a simple label on bag and carton
colorful polybag with customers’ own logo