OINP & ONP Waste Paper

We are exporters of Copy Papers and waste paper and the paper scraps offered by us are completely environment friendly and majorly used in recyclable industries.

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Consists of sorted newspapers and other acceptable papers, which typically generated by voluntary collection and curbside collection programs.

Allows few flyers or printed office sorted papers with 10% maximum.

Prohibitive Materials: not exceed 1%

Moisture content: not exceed 12% (all papers must be packed air dry and indoor warehouse)

Gray Back Clay Coated Cardboard Mixed Pulp and Imported Waste Paper
1. Bulk Packing: Plastic film wrapped on strong wooden pallets with four 4 angle protector)
2. Ream Packing: 100 sheets per ream wrapped with PE Coated Kraft Paper and film on strong wooden pallets with four angle protector.
3. Roll Packing: Kraft paper/Film wrapped outside on strong wooden pallets or without pallet