Shrimp & Prawn

We offer Frozen black tiger shrimps, Frozen vannamei shrimps, Frozen lobster shrimps, frozen pink/ white shrimps, frozen scampi shrimp, frozen squid, frozen octopus, frozen pangasius fillet, frozen basa fish, Frozen Clean Tilapia, Frozen Leather Jacket Fish Whole- Clean, Frozen Hairtail Fish Whole Round, Frozen Grouper

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Products Name Frozen  Shrimp
Sized 16-20,21-25,26-30,31-35 pcs / Lb
Net Weight 100% Or Do As Client Requirement
Processing Iqf,Hoso/Hlso
Packing Box
Methods Headless With Tail
Payment Terms T/T Negotiable
Mainly Market Japan,USA,Canada And Eu
Min.Purchase Quantity 50 Tons
Loading Port Douala Ports
Suppling Quantity 5000 Tons/Month
Delivery Time Within 7 Days After Receiving Prepayment
Gross Weight 1kg/Bag


Process  Iqf/Bqf, Raw Or Cooked,

1.Hoso: Head-On,Scale-On

2.Hlso: Headless,Scale-On

3.Pd:Peeled, Deveined

4.Pud:Peeled, Undeveined

5.Pto: Peeled,Tail-On

Glazing  5%,10%,20%,30%,As Per Request

100 nw After Unfreezing

Shelf Life  Under -18 c Condition,About 24 months
Packing  Black Tiger Shrimp Price 1 kg/Bag,2 kg/Bag,5 kg/Bag,As Per Request
Min Order  10 tons  Black Tiger Shrimp
Feature  Good Taste,  Rich In Nutrition And Protein , While Rich In

Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iodine

Micro element And Vitamin A And Other Ingredients