Zinc Ingots

Inner packing: Polyethylene film vacuum packaging;
Outer packing: carton/plywood case.

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Characteristics of high purity zinc ingot:

  • Shining white metal with bluish gray luster (called spelter). Not found native. Soluble in acids and alkalies. Insoluble in water. Malleable at 100-150 oC. Strongly electropositive. Zinc foil will ignite in presence of moisture. Low toxicity.
  • Hazards: Flammable, dangerous fire and explosion risk (dust).

General Properties of high purity zinc ingot:

Symbol Zn
Atomic Number 30
Atomic Weight 65.38
Density 7.133gm/cc
Melting Point 419.58 centigrade
Boiling Point 907 centigrade
Thermal Conductivity 1.16W/CM/K AT 298.2K
Electrical Resistivity 5.916MICRO-CM AT 20 centigrade
Electronegativity 1.6 Paulings
Specific Heat 0.0928Cal/g/k at 25 centigrade
Heat of Vaporization 27.4kcal/gm atom at 907 centigrade
Heat of Fusion 1.595 cal/gm mole