As per international standard requirement
Package : 10kg/Mesh bag;15Kg/Mesh bag;18Kg/Mesh bag
20Kg/Mesh bag

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1. Fresh season for red/yellow onion: from May to the middle ten days of August.
2. Cold storage season for Red/yellow onion: from the last ten-day of August to December.
3. Fresh season for yellow onion: from October to December.
4. White onion croped time: In October.

1. Red onion size: 5.0-7.5cm, 7.5 cm and up or as customers’ order.
2. Yellow onion size: 5.0-7.0cm, 6.0-8.0cm, 8.0cm and up or as customers’ order.

Varieties: Red Onion, Yellow Onion, White Onion.

Packing: mesh bag and carton.

10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag,10kg/ctn or as per customers’ orders.
10. Weight/conveyance: 26-32MT/40′ reefer high container. packing: mesh bag.

Disqualification rate: within 5%.